The Light Centre

The Light Centre is a non-denominational "church."

Our church services are at 1:00pm unless Pegasus is having a Fair or Retreat, then the Light Centre will be closed. "Church," is a discussion, sitting around the table, with different folks leading the conversation for the day on their chosen topic. Smoking is usually allowed at the Light Centre, except on rare occasions, and "No Smoking" will be posted previous to these rare occasions.

The Light Centre has been in exsistance for around 20 years now, and continues to offer metaphysical classes, group discussions, and the certification classes for metaphysical ministers. We believe much like spiritualists, but much differently at the same time. Most importantly, we agree to disagree about different thoughts and beliefs. Join us, and see how versitile and broad our thoughts are! Contrary to some belief, we DO believe in God/a Creator who is wise, all knowing, and touches each and every one of us, every day.

Classes at the Light Centre are both uplifting and educational, all at a reasonable cost! Most classes run $10. They are held on most Saturdays and some of them on Sundays following our Group Discussion (Church) which is held each Sunday, unless Pegasus Productions is at a Psychic Fair. All of our teachers are very educated on their topics and have YEARS of experience under their belts in the Metaphysical studies.

Our classes may include: Mediumship, Handwriting Analysis, Meeting Your Guides, How To Communicate With Your Guides, Healing With Color, Auras, Where Do We Come From REALLY?, Herbs, Tarot, Candles, Medicine Wheel, Dream Catchers, UFO's, Symbols, Palmistry, and much more!

Again, we would like to welcome you to join our discussions on Sundays, OR attend any one of our many classes offered at the Light Centre!